Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Got to be Dead for a Day!

I feel that I have a rather important matter to discuss this fine evening with you all. My first and fortunately only (so far, we, and by we I mean I hope that this continues to be the case for a very, very long time) time inside a body bag. No I wasn't thought to be dead, no, I didn't ask to be put in the bag, and also no, I wasn't even seriously hurt. "Why" you may ask, "Why were you put into a body bag still breathing?!?!" and I really don't fully know the reason myself. This has to do with my wrist injury on the mountain in CO. Evidently it was easier to take me down the mountain by sled than by a snowmobile. I must say I don't mind that much though, all my discomfort of being drug one mile on a sled, wrapped in a blanket, wrapped in a tarp to keep the blanket dry, and strapped down to keep from moving, was well worth it. It wasn't an actual body bag as you can see, but the tarp over my whole body with just a little hole to let air in made it just look like a neon orange body bag. It was nice to see what will happen to my dead body one day. No, that's not really the reason why (although, it was kinda cool! Like being dead and alive at the same time, hehe). Let me make this one point clear first though, at the time it wasn't very fun at all, I have to say there was no joy in the experience at the time. But, looking back, it was really funny to see the faces of Alex and his Mom! Their faces were all like "Oh My GOD!!! She's DEAD!!!" and then I say "I sprained my wrist." It was almost worth the pain! Not really, but it was pretty funny :) I even have pictures!


It isn't all joy though. Now, whenever I type, play piano, or do anything finicky for any length of time I have to pop my wrist back. I hope it stops soon...but, there are other things that I wish could have lasted forever.


As I look back at my life, I find it's a lot like trying to remember all the different bits of a vaguely interesting movie. I don't remember things from inside my body; I remember things like I'm watching somebody else. So all the sunsets, the beautiful flowers, my time spent in thought, I see it all from somebody else's point of view. This can come in handy, because when I want to see something again,  it's just like hitting the rewind button! I like to remember going hiking. Mostly at a lodge just outside of town. I remember seeing my best friend for the first time in about a year. I see the leaves. It was summer. He talked about soccer, and I remember thinking to myself "This is so easy, it's almost like nothing ever happened!" I believe that there are some times in our lives that, no matter how long ago they were, you should still say thank you for, every day.

I think I shall leave you now, on that positive note :)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello Again World!

I am back! I am soo back, and glad about it too!
Now, I know its been more than "just a week", but I promise that I have several good excuses. First, I got my permit! I am now a legal driver as long as I have somebody else in the car with me. The test was harder than I thought it would be, I had to guess on the last two (don't say I should have studied more, because I know that, but I still passed so its ok) and got one wrong and one right. I barely passed. So non of you should drive for the next few months because I suck!
Second, my third time driving I crashed the car. Now don't freak out to bad, I only did about $250 in damage (had to replace one wheel, a tire, and we bought another tire because we didn't have a spare) plus I managed to miss the transmission by about six inches.
Third, I got a tattoo! This isn't freak worthy either really because it's on my shoulder, only about two inches long, and in white ink. It hurt. Actually, when I say "It hurt" what I mean is I didn't cry, but I was holding my Wonderful Mom's hand so hard that she nearly did (no, not really, but she did say it hurt more than getting her tattoo did).
Forth, I went to CO for the weekend. Left Thursday morning at six, got to Aunt Mary's house at 5:30, and spent the next two days snowboarding, horseback riding, and generally having a great time (I've never seen mountains, so it was really awesome in that respect as well).
Fifth, this is the BIG ONE (well, not really, but it's why I didn't say anything when I got back on Sunday evening). I was snowboarding as I said. At eleven thousand feet the air is thin. It gets really easy to get tired and irritated. When you are especially bad at snowboarding (like me) you fall a lot. I was trying to learn how to stop my board, I had just figured out how to, actually. I had gone down about one mile of the two mile long trail, had just stopped almost perfectly, I was tired, it was steep where I was at, I freaked out, and (obviously) I fell. Now, I had fallen a lot that day, more times than I could count, but, as things go, as soon as I'm getting better at it, I fall on my wrist. I thought I sprained it. Came home today and I bent it, heard a "POP!" and it felt better, so I think I just had one of those little bones out of place.
So, are these good reasons not to say much? I will be telling, in detail (as ever *smile*) about all of these little incidences. Hello again world! Its been to long...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a Week

As some of you may have noticed, I have not been writing ever day. My writing has also not been nearly as funny as it was when I first started. I think I am going to take one week, and try to get back into my more humorous perceptions on life. I have had a little bit more stress in my life recently so not everything is as funny as it once was. Talk to you all next Tuesday!