Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today was kind of... Good and bad I suppose. I had a friend over, really fun. We played tennis and talked and she looked through a few of my voice books. It was so hot out though that after playing tennis I think I almost died haha. Jenny started voice lessons today, so she was asking me what to expect and such.
I'm sorry this is so scattered... Dead tired and rather stressed tonight.... Last night I slept horribly, my Mom had me shut my window so she could turn on the AC, but its broken so my room stayed 85 all night long. Didn't get to sleep until 8 this morning till around 11. Then I've hardly eaten, not because of anything substantial, I'm just so hot lol. Hopefully my headache will be gone soon.
I've been trying to exercise more the past few days too, I can see abs in my future! Exercising is fun, but it wears me out... Maybe as I get used to it things will get easier.
Was thinking about vlogging, but the other night I tried to use my camera and noticed it doesn't have a microphone and I've lost the cord... So much for that idea! Oh well, when I find the cord I might start posting pictures though.
Tomorrow is Wednesday (this is me imitating Rebecca Black, mwahahaha), so it's my happy day. Hopefully I'll get to see my sweetheart, destress, have my music lesson, maybe pick up some more applications. Youth group that evening, I hope I don't have to go alone. It kinda sucks :P. People always ask me where James is when he can't come, but I wonder some days if when I don't come anyone notices.
This fall I'm starting college, I'm so scared... Gas is expensive and the classes will be hard, I'll be all alone, blah blah blah. Can you tell I don't like doing anything by myself XD? Who will help me when I have trouble? Hopefully I'll make some new friends to hit up for assistance :P. Sadly I'm still waiting for an email from them about me having an account online to check up on... It'll be ok, just gotta breathe...

Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, that didn't turn out like I'd hoped... My job working for my Uncle that is. They decided after like three days that my services would not be needed at this time. Not that I'd done anything wrong, just some family stuff. Still, its rather depressing, I really liked what I did! So now back to the drawing board.
So far I've applied at three places, Maurice's, Baskin Robin's, and Staples. Haven't heard back about any of them yet, but we'll see. Thing is, I'm picky! I don't want to work at a grocery store, or in fast food, I would be a waitress, but my Momma told meh not to go for that... I've thought about being a maid at a hotel in town, but I keep getting told not to because it's to nasty. Personally, I think I could handle it XD. One of my Madre's friends told me to ask about being a hostess at a restaurant, and I think that might be fun! Maybe I'll apply at a couple nicer places in town soon.

The world is falling to bits! At least my truck is... Shall we go down the list?
1: Door panel fell off, now held on with lime green duct tape.
2: Crappy gas mileage, 12 miles to the gallon.
3: Cracked windshield that needs to be replaced.
4: Broken tail light.
5: Tires deflate themselves constantly...
6: Funky accelerator!
7: Both front doors have to be slammed with a vengeance, otherwise they won't shut (very good workout, and its fun to get those worried stares from innocent bystanders :D)
8: The air conditioning doesn't work.
9: You have to hold the steering wheel crooked (tilted about 2-3 inches to the left) in order for it to drive straight...
10: Its 17!
If i didn't have so many memories (quite a few of which are fond) in this truck, I would totally despise it. However, I grew up in it, and its seats are comfy (if not leaning slightly to the left...). But, regardless of my newly budding sentimentality, I must consider buying a new car!
There are three (another three, why so many threes..?) cars that I'm currently looking at. The one that I most like is only 5 years old, its a Ford Focus with 89,000 miles. Lucky number two is a... seven year old? Ford Taurus, 145,000 miles. Oh, and its blue! Pathetic number three is 10 years old, also a Ford Taurus, and has 151,000 miles, plus a dent in the rear passenger door... It looks exactly like my Dad's though (which I love to drive) so I am very attracted to it. Not to mention its only $3,200 ^.^ And at this point I can't judge, pretty much any car I get will be an improvement, even another piece of junk.
As of next Friday I should have $350 saved up, and I'm hoping to convince my Mom to pay for half and then I'll make payments to her until the day I die! Doesn't that sound like a great plan?? No, while it may feel like forever, I must remember it's only until another hunk of metal on wheels is paid for. Then I get to start saving for something new! Woo...

So, my Madre also thinks I'm hypoglycemic! This be because I eat constantly and have sudden mood swings where if I don't eat RIGHT NOW I turn into a bitch. If I was... Well I don't know. It'd be a cool problem to say I have like "Hey, I'm 16, legally blind, and hypoglycemic!" Other than that though I don't really care lol. Either way my sun still shines...