Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Won! And I Lost!

I feel such joy right now... At long, long last (or so it seems) I WON! I took my boyfriend out to eat yesterday and payed. Yes, it may seem like a small feet, but to me, it is the movement of a mountain. Alright, so perhaps not so drastic, but it was pretty nice. Granted, I forced the poor guy to eat cheap, but hey, it could've been worse. The door has been opened! Said dinner was all the more unromantic by the fact I kept laughing and snorting hamburger bun out of my nose... I may be the only person on earth with such a sad affliction. Although it was embarrassing, it was fun. We got to fill the lady-who-was-sitting-next-to-us's life with such joy by our immature antics.
These were such beautiful things as stories about drugs, BBQ sauce (please don't ask...), and paranoia! Plus falling over laughing, snorting food... And trying to figure out why the salt shaker is female and the pepper is a guy. Personally I think it should be the other way around. Honestly, what self respecting woman with no curves at all will wear a solid white dress? This aside, it was fun. Ever so fun...

What do I do now? I sit, be lazy, clean, meditate, blah. I have math to do. I have science to do. I have reading to do. Somehow none of that seems appealing though, so what do I do? Procrastinate! The ultimate reliever and final causer of pain! About that math... The math I speak of (type of) is dividing square roots. Now until I came to this in my education I was doing really well. For the past Month or so I'd been getting solid A's, but now... Alas! Those days are gone. Somebody help me! My cries, however, must go unanswered for a time. This time is the time when James isn't busy anymore. Now my life must go on.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Have a Friend...

I like tea. Let me rephrase, I love tea. Nope, one more time now: tea is my best friend! Hot anyway... See, I have a sore throat, ouchy! Tea makes me feel good and fuzzy at the best of times, so what could be better when I'm hurting? I'm not even sure why my throat hurts, its not like I'm sick. Actually, I feel bloody amazing right now! It's difficult to explain.
Recently I've had some things going on in my life that have thrown me into no small amount of chaos. Slowly, (at least it feels slowly, I might actually be making great progress...) I have been making a few adjustments. Of late dread has been looming and overpowering me and uncertainty tearing my sanity to shreds. I've heard though that it takes the brain three days to learn to cope, and that seems to be pretty darned accurate. So now I'm happy! Life is full of suffering, despair, unfairness, negative intentions, etc, but here I stand. Lovely, is it not? :)
Oh! And I'm nearly done with my journal. That sucker has 250 pages, I've never finished a journal before, and I'm about to do it... This makes me smile, I love that feeling of accomplishment. It'll even be done in under a year :D Hopefully soon I'll also finish a few books, be able to get back to Dracula (mvahahahaha, I vant thy blooood), and actually grasp my math... screw math. I'll settle for the rest!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday I learned to play Halo! Sorta...
I should say that my guy gave me a controller thing, told me what the different buttons did, painstakingly taught me, while his friend Lee hacked me to bits XD I've only ever held a controller like four times now, so all things considered I did really well. Life remained for like thirty seconds at a time! It's just so difficult, you have to walk and turn at the same time! At least a couple times I got to run threateningly at people waving a sword before being shot to death :) Maybe now however I'll stick to something like Harvest Moon, I can handle that. Amazing, I can manage being a farmer so well :P

Lets see... Being totally nauseated! Not surprisingly gory video games bother me, its just all that fake blood.. My poor mind can't handle it! While Lee played some dreadful demo of a game I had to turn away, cuddle with his dog (a mini schnauzer called.. something I can't spell :P), and watch meh guy. It's so soothing watching him laugh and sarcastically talk about all the fluffy, cute bunnies hopping around that I'm missing! No, really, it actually does help :P Could be worse though! I might have fainted.

The other day (yesterday) I tried my hand at oil painting for the first real time! I have tried before, but it doesn't count. Mainly because it was so long ago that I don't know what it looked like, and it sucked, and blah blah blah... This one didn't turn out half bad though, perhaps on Saturday I'll get another chance to paint. I love to paint, and draw, and sing, and and and there are way to many things I love.
    It seems so strange to me how it's easy to focus on the bad things that happen at the time yet later realize how there are so many good things I get to enjoy. Like yesterday on the way to my music lesson I got stressed about little things, like ice. I also missed the entrance twice, but all this just went to my head. Out of frustration I even screamed, but once I finally got there I discovered my teacher was running late anyway. Everything was fine, but yet I still panicked.. Breathe in. Breathe out. It's always fine, but so hard to see.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Yo. Sup. How's meh homedogs dooin?
Sooo, as you can still tell, being cool is a distant (and thankfully nonexistent) dream. Being lame is more fun anyways, you can get away with doing stupid stuff and have more fun :D For instance... You can dress up in war paint and act like an epic druggie! You can make fake spears and pretend to kill your friends (its ok, they all know where they're going should they die anyway)! You can dress up like a hippy! And cuddle with stuffed animals :) May God preserve my humble soul from such a tragic fate of popularity.

Now I must find a subject of which to speak...
It seems so sad to me, how in the event of something potentially interesting it can so quickly turn to bitterness. For instance, I have a job! In my average description of my job (barista/turning cans so they face the right way) normally the following words are employed: sucks, hate, shit, frustrating, boring, etc. In that however I totally miss the point! My work, no matter how tedious and unpleasant it may be, is necessary. Through my own tiny way, I, Nicole, can make the world a better place. You might not know it, but every time you take a box off the shelf at walmart, there is a faithful young man or woman making your life easier in a small way. By pulling forward another box and fixing the mess you just made. How selfless and noble a task! I am one fortunate young lady XD