Those I Love

My Mother:
An amazing person who I totally admire for her personal and academic strength. She graduated nursing school in May, and has since thrived with her new job. At last, she has cultivated a fine taste in men, and has continued to cultivate in me a love of learning. She is an inspiration to me in almost every way.

My Dad:
Our relationship has been rather bumpy, but these days we're finally working together to improve our relationship. He is the night quality supervisor for a rather large company that makes computer instalations. We don't have to much in common, but I'm starting to get into D&D which was his favorite passtime as a kid.

My Grandpa:
He is in his late-sixties, diabetic, and a real sweetheart. I don't often get to see him either, even though he lives in town, but I know that he doesn't like sports much, enjoys listening to the oldies (40's, 50's, 60's, and some 70's). He has been depressed since my Grandmother died a several years ago, and doesn't seem to be improving much.

This guy is amazing, and has been my best friend for... I couldn't even say how long. We've known each other since we were in early grade-school at least though. He's good at helping me destress, overall he isn't judgemental, and isn't too psychotic. Sometimes Byron has his moods, but it doesn't bother me that much.

He's a newer addition to my life, we've been "close" for I guess six to eight months. With a bedroom hung with swords and daggers, wolves spread throughout his house, and a decent sense of music, it'd be hard to hate Lee. There's always been more to him than the happy-go-lucky exterior he shows to the world though, and his outlook on life can be refreshing.

James is my sweetheart, and has been for over a year and a half. He's smart and kind, compassionate and silly, just the right height, and generally makes me want to dream bigger than is logical. We have our tiffs, but it's never more than we can handle. When push comes to shove, James will always put aside his problems to take care of me. He knows exactly how to make me feel special and important, and I like to think that I know how to do the same for him. It may seem strange, but I find it difficult to describe someone I know so well, he's the other half of me. James is James, and it's good.

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