Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello Again World!

I am back! I am soo back, and glad about it too!
Now, I know its been more than "just a week", but I promise that I have several good excuses. First, I got my permit! I am now a legal driver as long as I have somebody else in the car with me. The test was harder than I thought it would be, I had to guess on the last two (don't say I should have studied more, because I know that, but I still passed so its ok) and got one wrong and one right. I barely passed. So non of you should drive for the next few months because I suck!
Second, my third time driving I crashed the car. Now don't freak out to bad, I only did about $250 in damage (had to replace one wheel, a tire, and we bought another tire because we didn't have a spare) plus I managed to miss the transmission by about six inches.
Third, I got a tattoo! This isn't freak worthy either really because it's on my shoulder, only about two inches long, and in white ink. It hurt. Actually, when I say "It hurt" what I mean is I didn't cry, but I was holding my Wonderful Mom's hand so hard that she nearly did (no, not really, but she did say it hurt more than getting her tattoo did).
Forth, I went to CO for the weekend. Left Thursday morning at six, got to Aunt Mary's house at 5:30, and spent the next two days snowboarding, horseback riding, and generally having a great time (I've never seen mountains, so it was really awesome in that respect as well).
Fifth, this is the BIG ONE (well, not really, but it's why I didn't say anything when I got back on Sunday evening). I was snowboarding as I said. At eleven thousand feet the air is thin. It gets really easy to get tired and irritated. When you are especially bad at snowboarding (like me) you fall a lot. I was trying to learn how to stop my board, I had just figured out how to, actually. I had gone down about one mile of the two mile long trail, had just stopped almost perfectly, I was tired, it was steep where I was at, I freaked out, and (obviously) I fell. Now, I had fallen a lot that day, more times than I could count, but, as things go, as soon as I'm getting better at it, I fall on my wrist. I thought I sprained it. Came home today and I bent it, heard a "POP!" and it felt better, so I think I just had one of those little bones out of place.
So, are these good reasons not to say much? I will be telling, in detail (as ever *smile*) about all of these little incidences. Hello again world! Its been to long...

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