Monday, June 14, 2010

Somethings are Hard, Some Funny, Some Without Names

So long... So hard... So many changes... A lot can happen in, oh, how long has it been now? Nearly four months. Thats a long time, although I haven't really been without writing (I do have a diary, my saving grace haha) I still have that slightly gnawing feeling of disconnection. What has happened to me...? Shall I give you a list? I must warn you before you continue, this might be kind of long :D

I went on my first real vacation
I went back to just being friends with my boyfriend
I broke the law
I got a dog
I got a new boyfriend
I started going to church
I have gone from having total confusion towards life, to knowing who I was and what I wanted, and now back again
I got my first kiss
I started a real diary
I built myself a dresser (idk how important that is, but I just had to share considering how funny of a story that will be :P )

So lots of stuff... So much fun to write about! And where to start? You tell me! Feel free to leave a comment requesting what you like I should tell about first :) Some was and is hard, some was and is funny, and some of it is... Well... Not easy to describe lol

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