Friday, January 7, 2011


Yo. Sup. How's meh homedogs dooin?
Sooo, as you can still tell, being cool is a distant (and thankfully nonexistent) dream. Being lame is more fun anyways, you can get away with doing stupid stuff and have more fun :D For instance... You can dress up in war paint and act like an epic druggie! You can make fake spears and pretend to kill your friends (its ok, they all know where they're going should they die anyway)! You can dress up like a hippy! And cuddle with stuffed animals :) May God preserve my humble soul from such a tragic fate of popularity.

Now I must find a subject of which to speak...
It seems so sad to me, how in the event of something potentially interesting it can so quickly turn to bitterness. For instance, I have a job! In my average description of my job (barista/turning cans so they face the right way) normally the following words are employed: sucks, hate, shit, frustrating, boring, etc. In that however I totally miss the point! My work, no matter how tedious and unpleasant it may be, is necessary. Through my own tiny way, I, Nicole, can make the world a better place. You might not know it, but every time you take a box off the shelf at walmart, there is a faithful young man or woman making your life easier in a small way. By pulling forward another box and fixing the mess you just made. How selfless and noble a task! I am one fortunate young lady XD

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