Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sonic and Peacefulness!

Duuuude... Gas is way to expensive right now! It costs me like $60 to fill up my truck. Oh well... Soon I shall have a very well paying job for my age, and maybe begin to actually save for a decent transportation device rather that the ancient monster parked out front.
 My Uncle has a computer business, has had for several years, 12 now perhaps? The unfortunate thing it though, he doesn't like paperwork. It's tragic, is it not? So he needs someone to file his bills, enter transactions into a computer, joyous stuff of that kin. Who do you think will get this marvelous position? Why my of course! That's because I'm special ^.^ (A while back my sweetheart's dad called me Special K, but that's beside the point...)
 At any rate, I'm really excited about this, tonight he's gonna show me the first stuff I need to do. It should be grand, I mean, what could possibly be better than sitting on my posterior all day cleaning up other people's messes? Sarcasm aside, I really am looking forward to it. It's a well paying job with no heavy lifting, I think that's pretty exciting! It'll be a morning thing, so I can still see my friends after they get out of school, have time to do my chores, do my own homework, and of course manage to hit happy hour at Sonic (who doesn't love strawberry limeades?). It's great when things work out :)

Other portions of my life have been working out well also, for example: I finally got up the guts to talk to my youth leader about being more active in the community! I've been wanting to do that for a long time, but a couple weeks back I attended the Love in Motion Tour and it sort of inspired me. Of course these things wear away after a time, as its already starting to do, but hopefully I can keep going with finding opportunities to help people.
 The strangest thing to me though, is how the little actions are the hardest to do. Maybe because I know I wont be thanked, or nobody will care if I do them or not, or I don't like the person whom I'm helping, I'm not sure. No matter what though, I believe I must continue. As I attempt to improve myself, the world around me just functions better! Or at least it seems that way. Ah, it's just so peaceful...

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