Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Won! And I Lost!

I feel such joy right now... At long, long last (or so it seems) I WON! I took my boyfriend out to eat yesterday and payed. Yes, it may seem like a small feet, but to me, it is the movement of a mountain. Alright, so perhaps not so drastic, but it was pretty nice. Granted, I forced the poor guy to eat cheap, but hey, it could've been worse. The door has been opened! Said dinner was all the more unromantic by the fact I kept laughing and snorting hamburger bun out of my nose... I may be the only person on earth with such a sad affliction. Although it was embarrassing, it was fun. We got to fill the lady-who-was-sitting-next-to-us's life with such joy by our immature antics.
These were such beautiful things as stories about drugs, BBQ sauce (please don't ask...), and paranoia! Plus falling over laughing, snorting food... And trying to figure out why the salt shaker is female and the pepper is a guy. Personally I think it should be the other way around. Honestly, what self respecting woman with no curves at all will wear a solid white dress? This aside, it was fun. Ever so fun...

What do I do now? I sit, be lazy, clean, meditate, blah. I have math to do. I have science to do. I have reading to do. Somehow none of that seems appealing though, so what do I do? Procrastinate! The ultimate reliever and final causer of pain! About that math... The math I speak of (type of) is dividing square roots. Now until I came to this in my education I was doing really well. For the past Month or so I'd been getting solid A's, but now... Alas! Those days are gone. Somebody help me! My cries, however, must go unanswered for a time. This time is the time when James isn't busy anymore. Now my life must go on.

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