Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Have a Friend...

I like tea. Let me rephrase, I love tea. Nope, one more time now: tea is my best friend! Hot anyway... See, I have a sore throat, ouchy! Tea makes me feel good and fuzzy at the best of times, so what could be better when I'm hurting? I'm not even sure why my throat hurts, its not like I'm sick. Actually, I feel bloody amazing right now! It's difficult to explain.
Recently I've had some things going on in my life that have thrown me into no small amount of chaos. Slowly, (at least it feels slowly, I might actually be making great progress...) I have been making a few adjustments. Of late dread has been looming and overpowering me and uncertainty tearing my sanity to shreds. I've heard though that it takes the brain three days to learn to cope, and that seems to be pretty darned accurate. So now I'm happy! Life is full of suffering, despair, unfairness, negative intentions, etc, but here I stand. Lovely, is it not? :)
Oh! And I'm nearly done with my journal. That sucker has 250 pages, I've never finished a journal before, and I'm about to do it... This makes me smile, I love that feeling of accomplishment. It'll even be done in under a year :D Hopefully soon I'll also finish a few books, be able to get back to Dracula (mvahahahaha, I vant thy blooood), and actually grasp my math... screw math. I'll settle for the rest!

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