Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's All Good!

I didn't go snowboarding on Saturday, the weather was really nasty. That wan't the first reason for me not to go though. My uncle Calvin and Gp picked me up on Friday afternoon around one o'clock. Gp had a Dr. appointment in Kansas City so they just picked me up on the way. Once I got up there It was really cold and snowing and raining and other crap like that, but Dad's car was warm so I didn't mind that much. We decided to hang out at the Apartment for the day, just me and him. It was really nice, we watched Burn Notice and played Farmville. He said that we could hang out tomorrow before I went snowboarding too if I wanted. I fully planned on going snowboarding, but then I realized that I might not get such a good weekend with Dad again for a long time, and I had forgotten my money *smile*. So he offered to give me the money to go, but I refused it, it was all the same in the end anyway because the weather was bad so I couldn't go anyway. All's well that ends well. It's all good.
After we hung out Saturday at the Apartment too, we went to Crystal's house, normally this would worry me, but she was already in bed and Rose was at a friends house, Mike was in bed. So it was just me and June. For a while. She was having some friends over that night, so I was kinda worried that they wouldn't like me. However, all my huge fears never manifested, they liked me, June had fun, and it was an overall great weekend! Now you may have noticed how I said that it worries me, going over to Crystal's house, this is because her and me, well, sometimes we have difficulty understanding each other. I'll say one thing, she thinks I mean this, she says one thing, and I think she means that, that sort of difficulty. This weekend though was pretty good, nobody got mad at anybody, everyone had fun, she cooked fried chicken (which I really like) and I helped. It's all good :)

The light bulb! Still having problems with it. I have changed the bulb, Mother of Mine has changed the bulb, the OTHER fixture still works just fine, but even with a new bulb and everything, the right hand bulb still flickers. And blinks. And sizzles. And is annoying. At least one of them works well (SO FAR). I might be forced to just take out the bulb altogether and make due with just one... But oh well! Life is good.
It was sunny today, thats good. I have TOTALLY revamped my Happy Place, thats good. I got help with the math I was having problems with, and that, my dears, is also, very good. :D

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