Thursday, February 18, 2010

Self-Satisfied. With cleaning?

I am good at music, especially singing, and not to brag or anything, but I can make people cry. I could be a lot better though. I've been playing piano for several years and I still can't play all that well. It would probably help if I practiced. This is my resolution! I will practice more than for just ten minutes right before my music lessons, 'cause I do really want to be good. You know how irritating it is to go and see my music teacher not having made any progress? I want to be as good at piano as I am at singing. I may not be wonderful at piano though, but at least I can be helpful when I have a mind to be.

My Mother thinks I keep the house from falling down. No, she actually did say that to me last night! She didn't mean that I literally hold it up or something though, she meant that since she cleans even less than I do the entire house would be in such chaos without me that it might as well have fallen down. She flatters me :) It took hours, and I mean hours to clean the kitchen like I did, I got on my hands and knees at one point trying to get a patch of dirt off the floor. It was worth it though, 'cause whenever I get in my mode of doing stuff like that I get a softly glowing sense of satisfaction from cleaning, deep cleaning anyway. Plus I wasn't doing schoolwork at the time, so that instantly makes my day better :)
Today when I get home I'm going to clean the bathroom and change both the light bulbs (love you, Mother of Mine *smile*)

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