Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Being Dead and Flying Objects

Well, good news! I'm not going to die of the cut on my finger! My marvelous Mother looked at it, and said to me "Poke it, if it feels like you're being cut when you do, you still have glass inside it." How obvious is that? Why didn't I know to do that??? I don't think I will be causing myself much more damage in the kitchen though. Today I spent hours cleaning and scrubbing and polishing and generally me proofing (not as easy as it sounds). Now there is absolutely no way on earth for me to hurt myself in there *smiles proudly*. It's a lot easier to hurt myself outside though.

I'm really clumsy, as my friend Byron will tell you. I'm also really scared of insects, as he can also tell you. So you can either look at me running across a tennis field, screaming wildly in terror, while a bee chases me, with a tennis racket in my hand, and accidently hitting myself on the head with it as either absolutely hilarious, or totally pathetic. I hope, to the very depth of my soul (which probably isn't very deep 'cause I'm a rather shallow person, but hey, whatever!) that it's absolutely hilarious. At least it's not as bad as what I had done earlier that day.
This was one of the first times I had ever played tennis, and I only really wanted to learn to play so that I could say that I was good at one sport, or at least not terrible... I had some really bad habits though. You probably know how when you play tennis, you are supposed to use the racket as a sort of extension of your arm, while I knew this little factoid, I wasn't very good at utilizing it. Whenever I attempted to swing my racket, I would freak out (seeing tennis balls, or any kind of ball, flying at my head scares me) and in an effort to protect myself from this flying projectile, would hold up my elbow against my waist, and swing. I missed. Every time. I wonder why?
Then, in an entirely futile effort to correct this bad habit I was developing, Byron instructed me to use my whole arm. So the next time that ball came at me, I lept through the air toward it, landed on one foot (on my toes, no less) actually remained upright (God knows how!) flung back my left arm, and held my right arm forward. In my defense, the ball did hit the racket, it just bounced off. Also in my defense, I would have looked stunning on an ice-skating rink. Unfortunately, I wasn't on an ice-skating rink, and I didn't manage to hit the ball, it just bounced of the racket and rolled off somewhere. But, I like to think that over the course of last summer I improved, at least a little bit, maybe not...

There are some things though that I am good at! It would help if I practiced more though...

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