Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Important People

I’m afraid that I have neglected to discuss some of the most important people in my whole entire life. No, they really are really important. The boyfriend Alexander and his mom! Alexander is about my height, maybe a little taller, is really involved in school activities, and wants to get his pilots license so he can fly me over the ocean one day. Isn’t he sweet??? He’s been my very bestest friend for, like, ever. We had a rather violent first meeting though, I nearly killed him, by suffocation. In my defense, in was entirely and accident. I suffocated him by holding a pillow on his face, but I was little and didn't realize that I could have killed him... He was stuck in a corner though, so when the pillow was on his face he must not have been able to get it off, or yell for help for that matter. *sheepish* I felt really bad afterwards. It was o.k. in the end though, ‘cause once he regained consciousness we played basketball and generally acted like forgiving little kids. He even hugged me when he left! *Smiles* There has been a lot more to our history together than this, but I now feel that I owe some attention to Monette, his mom.

Monette is around 5’6”, has beautiful brown eyes (seriously, I’m jealous of her eyes), and loves pink. She just had a birthday and was born and raised in TX (boo TX longhorns :P can you tell I’m an OU girl?). She is one of those people who have the gift of seeing right through you, like today, I was just the tiniest bit stressed about last weekend and she knew. I tried to tell her I was just a little tired, or worried about school, but she still just knew. People like that can be scary! She also can make you laugh no matter what, you can have just had your Great Grandma die, and she will listen, be consoling, then make you laugh. She also loves to sing, right now she can’t stop humming a Lady Gaga song, it’s kind of funny watching her wander around the house going “Ra ra ah-ah-ah-ah, ra-ma ah-ah-ah-ah...” Both her and Alexander have a passion for music, Monette is always humming, and Alex loves to play his guitar. I’ll have to speak more of his mad skills later though :)

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