Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Something I just CAN'T do.

I totally changed both light bulbs, although I see now why Mommy Dearest hates doing that. Our bathroom is very small, we have a counter top the length of the bathroom with a sink in it, the toilet is shoved in right next to it, and then the bathtub next to that (don't worry, we don't actually take baths all the time, we installed a little shower head thing in the wall). Over the sink and counter top is a huge mirror, and on either side of that, on the top, are two light fixtures. These fixtures have a beautiful arching shape, like the branch of a willow tree sweeping down, and at the bottom is a glass bulb. This glass bulb fits up under the fixture and over the light bulb. It is held on with screws. Three screws. Three old, rusty, small screws. As you can probably tell, it is very difficult to get these glass bulbs off so I can put the light bulbs in. I succeeded, however, and now the bathroom is beautiful and light and clean(ish).
Which room should I conquer next, I wonder? Should I subdue the living room, or attack the dining room? I'm thinking living room, 'cause I would like to have people over some time. It's always a plus if your guests don't trip and fall and die over an unruly piece of furniture! 

Speaking of the living room, someday I would love to paint it. The thing is, me and my Lovely Mother can't decide on a color! Not that it would happen anytime soon, but it might at least happen this century if we could agree on something. I want white, with some green accents, she wants yellow. Now, I would be fine with yellow, if I knew what kind of yellow she was talking about. With her, yellow could be anywhere from gold to sunshiny to a weird burnt color or anywhere in between! (Can you tell she's an artist? She has such strange taste how could she not be? For example, our kitchen would sound really horrible if I tried to write about it, but it works! She amazes me every time.) We would like to put a nice floor down one day too, at least we can agree on that though. Wood, or at least nice looking fake wood. I don't know how much help I would be putting it down though, it might turn out to be like one of those things I just can't do. 

Tomorrow I'm going snowboarding, I've gone before, but I'll tell tomorrow if it turns out to be one of my bad days, where it is something it seems like I also, just can't do.

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