Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Axes and Bruises

I've never gotten to actually use an ax, just carry one. I have gotten to use a hatchet though :) Several years ago, around three, I think, my Dad had to chop a lot of wood. He would go out and find people selling huge pieces of uncut wood and buy it cheap, then haul it out to my Gp's house, then cut it. He didn't enjoy it (he's a little on the pudgy side :P). When I came out to help him though he seemed to get in a better mood. So I'd be out in my Gp's front yard, just carrying these big boxes full of wood, and then dumping them in the back of my Dad's car (he still has a crap load of wood chips and dust in his trunk). My favorite part, however, was using the hatchet. It was the perfect size for me and made me feel dangerous just holding it. It was like "Look at me twice, I dare you, I'm a twelve year old with attitude and a hatchet! Ha ha ha!" So empowering! I never even cut myself :)

Thats doing better than I did today. 
All I wanted was some pizza. Some stupid pizza! In fact, I got the pizza, just not without a fight. It was one of those Lean Cuisine pizzas, in the little boxes that you stick in the microwave. I put my pizza in, walked out of the room for three minutes, came back, pulled my pizza out, tried to shut the microwave door...SMASH! While trying to shut the door, I slid the pizza sideways along the counter-top, where it met a glass. Evidently, it didn't like the glass, because it pushed the glass onto the floor where it shattered into a million pieces. Said glass was filled about an inch high with coke. When the glass shattered into all those pieces around my poor, bare feet, I got coke all over the floor at the same time. After carefully not moving my feet, trying not to drop my pizza, and trying (and failing) to pick up all the larger segments of glass, I made my way across the floor to get some paper towels. Me, in my infinite wisdom, thought it would be a good idea to take the paper towels and run them across the floor in order to simultaneously pick up the glass and wipe up all that coke. Unfortunately, I forgot that paper towels are thin, and by nature, easily ripped, especially by small, sharp objects, such as glass. 
I got up several good sized handfuls of glass and coke before I hurt myself, which surprises me, upon reflection. It wasn't a bad cut, as such, it was deep, but not very wide and stopped bleeding after about ten minutes. The scary thing is though, I don't know if there is any glass left inside my finger. I think there is, but I can't tell for sure. This is because, my finger is kind of purplish where the cut is, but that could be either glass, or bruising. Luckily, I will only have to wait about an hour and then Mother of Mine will be able to use her totally mad skills *cough* to see if there is anything left inside.

I'll let ya'll know tomorrow if I'm going to die from the glass or anything, and maybe discuss the pleasures of tennis as well...

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  1. Mother of your's wonders why the first aid kit is at somebody else's house?