Monday, December 12, 2011

My Kitchen, Finally, Is Clean! (to me...)

Due to how short that last pathetic little unjournalling post was, I think I'll share my life story. Not really. Just a segment, like how amazingly clean my kitchen is. Check this out:
Now, I realize to all the neat-freaks out there (for whom I have the highest respect, I might even sell my soul to join your ranks) this might look filthy, but for me this is the product of 3 hours of labor. The sink does not shine like a Fly-Lady sink, the floor doesn't sparkle, but to me it is beautiful in almost every way. I am proud. The countertops do not have food on them, no dishes are coated in mold. There is even usable space available for cooking!
It suprises me every time I clean how easy it is to keep that way. For about two weeks or I spend time with friends anyway! Hopefully (I do pray this now with all my heart), I can make this last for a whopping three weeks! Dreams do come true, right? Especially when you pay your best friend to do it for you... he's just cool like that.

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