Friday, December 9, 2011

Unjournalling, Day 7

Describing the gunk at the bottom of a sink was nasty, telling the story of a cowboy was long, but this I think was by far the most difficult. The task was to write a paragraph (about anything I wanted, at least there was that kindness) using 20 words containing double vowels (needle, cool, room, etc).

At the center of the room sat a drooling poodle. The poodle had a horribly bad rap, which generally was well deserved. It peed on carpets, bit children, and stole food right off people's plates! Not even a beetle or flee would dare to land on it. A baby crawled into the cool room, and cooing all the while, made its way up to the devil poodle. Its mother ran in and snatched up the child, she was no fool to leave it be. She felt woozy, and set the baby down right outside the door. stepping out of its pool of drool, the poodle slowly walked up to the kid. Reaching out with soft hands, little babe wiped some of the drool off, and in surprised the evil poodle wagged its tail. It ceased its looming, stooped down, and licked the baby's face. When the mother came back, she nearly swooned! Even to this day, the child and poodle are the best of friends.

Wow... just wow is all I can say. It does sadden me so that "poodle" was the only noun I could think of to write about that contained a double vowel. However, cuteness has been attained. Or I think it has...

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