Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unjournalling, Day 12

This time I am going to describe someone who looks bored, without using the words yawned, stared, or sighed.

The boy was about five, with shorts stained from playing in the grass and shoes to match. As he sat in his doctors office, waiting for his check up, he fidgeted. Rhythmically he would bang his shoes on the chair leg, wiggle from side to side, and eventually slouch over in dejection. Just to watch him made other people in the room come to notice how bored they were as well, though they responded in more adult manners such as toe-tapping, blank faces, and poor posture.
After twenty minutes or so, the boy finally gave up on his antsy behavior to curl up into a ball in his chair, rest his chin on his knees, and pout. In an effort to get his mothers attention, a little tear dribbled down his cheek. When his mother noticed, he said in a frustrated child's voice "I'm so BOOOOORED", but his mother merely instructed him to be patient. Once again, the boy started to wiggle with barely contained energy.

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