Sunday, December 18, 2011


Recently my life has just been run, run, run, all day long. On Friday I got up early, went to the boyfriend's house, and was there until midnight. Yesterday I went to the closest big city with Byron and another friend for his birthday. After I got home, I went out with my dad bowling and to get some ice cream. That was another long day, till about midnight. Now today I was woken up by James walking into my bedroom, it was rather embarrassing. He's never seen me before taking a shower and brushing my teeth before! We hung out all day, went to a Christmas party, and he just left a little while ago.
By this time, I am just so worn out that I'm thinking of canceling my morning plans with Byron and just sleeping in. That, in other words, was my long excuse for slacking on the daily posts. Tomorrow afternoon I shouldn't be doing anything, and will be getting caught up. Sorry about the delay, but soon things should be back to normal. The holidays justs ruin everything, ya know?

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