Monday, December 19, 2011

Unjournalling, Day 16

Writers can describe the character, at least to some extent, through how they speak. I have to tell how each of the following would turn down an offer to a fishing trip:
1. A teenage boy turning down his grandfather
2. A business man eager for promotion turning down his boss
3. A wife just back from her weekly spa trip turning down her husband

1. Sorry Gramps... I, uh, I have some, uh, stuff to do. My mom, like, wants me to do some lame chores and stuff!
2. Sir, I would absolutely love to go with you! I love fishing! You see, though, it's my anniversary this weekend, and if I didn't take my wife to dinner she would be very upset. Maybe next weekend? I don't get to go fishing as often as I would like, and the opportunity to do so with you would be a pleasure!
3. Really, honey? Me, fishing? My hair just got done, and fish smell bad. Take one of your drinking buddies. Oh, and don't drown!

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