Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unjournalling, Day 9

So much shame! I was out all day studying for finals with a friend, but here I am, with still 32 minutes to go. Never again shall I be so late in the day, hopefully tomorrow I'll get this taken care of before noon.
This assignment was an activity to learn tone. I have to write a letter to the owner (Ms. Applespot) of the non-existent store, Widget World, to ask for a raise. However, the owner hasn't noticed how well I do my job and I must use tact as well as be to the point.

Dear Ms Applespot,
Throughout my five years as manager of Widget World, I have fully fulfilled all responsibilities as well as increasing productivity. All of the employees are happy, and the store receives very few customer complaints. I would like to address at this time therefor, the state of my pay.
In the past few years I have not received very high wages for my position, but none the less have continued to serve this store diligently. I would like to request a pay raise of $1.50 an hour for my services and continuous loyalty to the store.
Thank you for your time,
*insert name here*

I can't imagine how it would be to request a raise like that in real life, the thought terrifies me! Hopefully I will never have to do so. Oh, and *insert name here* was because I do not feel obliged to present my own name, not just because I tend to be uncreative in that area! When me and Byron play life we have to get out his mom's baby book to figure out the children's names... We were a tad crazy about that game for a few weeks.

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