Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tell Me a Story

This afternoon I had a "final" with my English teacher. Actually, all it was was a conference where we discussed my writing and where I was going from comp 1. It went very well, and she turned me on the the website www.smithmag.net (really cool site, definitely worth going to!). Tonight I went there, turned in a few 6 word memoirs with back story, one longer memoir (it was ok, didn't bother with too much editing though), and had a good evening.
It's all I can hope for that my memoirs and writing gets noticed, I should probably edit them more in order to legitimately hope though! When I have that new memoir fixed I'll post it here and fix it there. Impatient me though couldn't wait to edit.
Sidetracked! I know not many people read this, but as a person who is curious about everything I'd love to know your stories, or at least one of them. Give me a six word summary, a six page story, or a whole lifetime, it all sounds fascinating to me. We all deserve our thousand words, and sometimes it's easier to type or write than to speak.
I found a cool picture, what does this evoke to you?


  1. My six-word bio: I very rarely act my age.

    The photo (also in six words): Fountain pens make writing more fun.

  2. Haha I totally agree with both, but the fountain pen one is something else. They just have the ability to make whatever you write look much more creative, they are the drug of my writing world.